Reproductive anatomy diagrams in Cameroun and Brazil

Teaching anatomy is one of the most fundamental pieces of comprehensive sexuality education. The naming of the parts begins pretty much as soon as a child starts to be aware of his or her body and wants to know “what’s this?” as she points to different body parts. This of course isn’t necessarily about genitals – but it shouldn’t exclude genitals either.

Here are two pictures of anatomy diagrams from two very different IWHC partners. I find it fascinating to see the different ways anatomy is represented in illustrations – which parts are named, which are not, what the vantage point is. Maybe I read too much into these things. If you don’t want to get geeky about representation – you can at least check out the French and Portuguese words for fallopian tube: tube and trompa, respectively.

ALVF staff with reproductive health diagrams

Staff members of the Association de Lutte contre les Violences faites aux Femmes (ALVF – Association for the Struggle Against Violence Against Women) hold up French-language reproductive health diagrams. ALVF began in Yaoundé, Cameroun, but in just over a decade, ALVF has grown from a single office that provided a safe space for women survivors of violence to a national group that manages outreach centers for women in three different regions of the country.

Female/male anatomy diagrams at Grupo Curumim in Recife, Brazil
Grupo Curumim’s youth program, Cunhatã, which IWHC has funded since its inception in 2001, is designed to respond to adolescents’ need for information and education on sexuality and sexual and reproductive rights. Cunhatã organizes workshops that provide youth with comprehensive and accurate information about their health and rights in order to inform and empower young people to reach adulthood in good health.

Check out more pictures of our partners and their programs on our Flickr photostream.

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