Female Condoms: Demand and Distribution (Video)

Here in the United States, female condoms have kind of gotten a bad rap: They are not readily available in many places. They cost up to $4 each. They squeak. They look like plastic bags. They are made of an unfamiliar material (polyurethane).

The FDA just announced its approval of the new and improved FC2, which is made of of the thinner and lighter material nitrile (which, like polyurethane, is good for people with latex sensitivities) and will be up to 30% cheaper than the original female condom.

In our work, the International Women’s Health Coalition has seen a slightly different side of reactions to the female condom. Many of our international partners distribute the female condom with a lot of success. Both men and women have been enthusiastic about the device in places like Cameroun, where our partner the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Cameroun Chapter (SWAAC) works.

Check out our new video, which features two IWHC staff members who frequently travel to visit our partners and get the inside scoop about what’s happening outside of the United States. Kate Bourne is the Vice President of International Policy and Regional Programs and Jen Wilen is the Assistant Program Officer for Francophone Africa.

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