A woman in tech I admire: Deb Levine

Today, more than 1000 bloggers are participating in Ada Lovelace Day by blogging about a woman in technology who they admire. Ada Lovelace was one of the world’s first computer programmers.

Over the last two days I’ve been in San Francisco at the Sex::Tech – Focus on Youth conference, which is organized by the Internet Sexuality Information Service (ISIS). This is a really terrific conference that focuses on sexuality education and social media and had a lot of folks from sexual health non-profits in attendance.

There are lots of women I could recognize in this post, but I’m choosing to focus on Deb Levine, who is the executive director of ISIS and has spent a good chunk of her career working with online technologies that make communication about sexual health issues and access to information within the reach of a few clicks.

Deb is one of the founders of Columbia University’s Health Q&A Internet Service Go Ask Alice, the author of The Joy of Cybersex, and teaches a class called “Sexuality and the Internet” at San Francisco State University.

We started talking a few years ago, and when my book Naked on the Internet I did a guest spot in her SFSU class – via Skype. I’ve always been very impressed with Deb’s knowledge and her interesting fusion of sexual health, education, and technology. The projects Deb works on position technology as a tool, a means to an end and not an end in and of itself, which is tough to do because so much of this tech is still shiny and awesome and new.



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