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We provide funding and technical assistance to a diverse group of organizations in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Kenya. These grassroots groups run innovative programs to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in their communities and advocate for change at the national, regional, and global levels. Our partners are leading the charge to end child marriage, secure access to safe and legal abortion, promote comprehensive sexuality education, and expand access to modern contraception.


Partner Spotlight: Action Health, Inc

Founded in Lagos in 1989 and supported by IWHC since 1990, Action Health Incorporated (AHI) is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of adolescents in Nigeria. Over the last 24 years, AHI has advanced efforts within private and public sector programs to include comprehensive, gender-sensitive, life skills and rights-based approaches to sexuality education and clinical services for youth. During this period AHI has developed model programs that have been adopted and expanded by government and other civil society organizations.

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Partner Spotlight: Association pour la Promotion de l’Autonomie et des Droits de la Fille/Femme

Association pour la Promotion de l’Autonomie et des Droits de la Jeune Fille/Femme (APAD) is a youth-led organization based in Maruoa, Cameroon, whose membership and leadership consists entirely of survivors of early and forced marriage. APAD is spearheading efforts in the extreme north region of the country to prevent child marriage and support married girls. APAD educates girls and communities about their human rights, including the right to choose whom and when to marry, and provides literacy and skills-building programs to empower survivors of early and forced marriage to be economically independent and lead autonomous lives.

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Partner Spotlight: Education as a Vaccine

Established in 2000, Education as a Vaccine (EVA) is working to improve the health and quality of life of adolescents and young people in Nigeria. EVA’s programming priorities are sexual and reproductive health, basic education and child health, and HIV/AIDS prevention education.

IWHC is supporting EVA’s work to ensure that young people’s health needs, including sexual and reproductive health, are adequately addressed in national health policies.

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Latest News

Malawi 2 girls resized

Malawi Bans Child Marriage but the Work Is Just Beginning

While the law banning child marriage is a major milestone, ending the practice requires action on multiple levels.

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Remembering Damaris Mounlom of FESADE, Cameroon

Damaris trained generations of passionate advocates for young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Kenyan Activists Mobilize Against Abortion Stigma for September 28 Campaign

Kenya’s September 28 campaign took up the slogan, “Stand Up, Speak Out,” and activists hope this is only the beginning of sustained action to end abortion stigma.

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Death Sentence in Kenya Abortion Case Results in Police Harassment of Health Care Workers

In RH Reality Check this week, IWHC President Françoise Girard blogged about the case of a Kenya nurse who was handed a death sentence after he was convicted of causing the death of a young woman following complications from a botched abortion in 2009.

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