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Strengthening Partnerships: From Local to Global

We make grants and provide professional support to community organizations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and Latin America. These partner groups operate programs that serve thousands of women and young people in their own communities. We help our partners advocate with their governments to secure the policies and funding needed to build healthy and safe communities. Since our founding, we have helped build and strengthen nearly 80 grassroots organizations in more than 20 countries. The experiences and expertise of our partners informs our advocacy at the global level.


Finding Innovative Solutions for Sexual Health in Brazil

In Brazil, our partner Reprolatina works to educate young people about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Reprolatina reaches youth directly in local communities and online through social media and its website, Living Adolescence, which receives an average of 2,000 visits every day and has been endorsed by Brazil’s Ministry of Health.

Reprolatina also collaborates with health centers and public schools in towns near mining sites throughout Brazil. In one such town, Barro Alto, the number of adolescent girls giving birth dropped from 40 percent to 10 percent.

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Partner Profile: CommonHealth

IWHC collaborates with CommonHealth to ensure that women and children have access to quality health care across India. With our financial and technical support, CommonHealth mobilizes citizens and works with health care providers, researchers, and policymakers to improve maternal-neonatal health care.

Through its wide network of medical practitioners, CommonHealth pairs experienced professionals as informal mentors with up-and-coming leaders.

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Partner Profile: Action Health, Inc.

Founded in Lagos in 1989 and supported by IWHC since 1990, Action Health Incorporated (AHI) is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of adolescents in Nigeria. Over the last 24 years, AHI has advanced efforts within private and public sector programs to include comprehensive, gender-sensitive, life skills and rights-based approaches to sexuality education, and clinical services for young people.

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Latest News


Chile Takes Steps to Allow Abortion to Save a Woman’s Life

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has thrown her support behind legislation that will decriminalize abortion in three cases: rape, an unviable fetus, or to save the life of a woman.

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Peruvian “Let Her Decide” Abortion Campaign Takes Next Step

Dejala Decidir in Peru has submitted 60,000 signatures in support of a bill that would decriminalize abortion in cases of rape. Currently, abortion is only allowed if the pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother.

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After Victory in Uruguay: Addressing Gaps Between the Right to Abortion and Access to Services

While legislative victory in Uruguay is an inspiration for other pro-choice advocates in the region, advocates caution that the struggle to ensure access to safe, legal abortion does not end with legislation.

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Pro-Choice Movement Gains Momentum in Peru

Last September, one of IWHC’s partner organizations, PROMSEX, along with other feminist organizations in Peru, launched the “Déjala Decidir” (“Let Her Decide”) campaign to collect at least 60,000 signatures in support of a proposal that would decrimina …

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