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We strengthen grassroots programs and advance global policies that ensure adolescent girls get the information, services, skills, and support they need to protect their health and human rights. We believe that girls must be able to control their lives and bodies in order to live up to their full potential.


The Girl Declaration

As world leaders prepare to set the agenda for global development, we are bringing the voices of girls into the highest halls of power. Governments must prioritize the needs of girls if we hope to achieve lasting change.

Bringing together the thinking of 508 girls living in poverty across the globe with the expertise of more than 25 of the world's leading development organizations, the Girl Declaration is our tool to stop poverty before it starts.

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Partner Spotlight: Girls' Power Initiative

In Nigeria, adolescent girls are disproportionately vulnerable to HIV, unwanted pregnancies, and trafficking. Girls' Power Initiative is helping girls build their self-esteem by providing them with the strategies and life skills they need to negotiate their adolescent years in good health.

GPI girls are Nigeria's next generation of leaders, committed to promoting social justice and gender equality.

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Latest News


It’s Time for the U.S. to #Lead4Girls and End Child Marriage Worldwide

Our #Lead4Girls campaign calls on the U.S. government to fulfill its mandate in the Violence Against Women Act to work with the rest of the world to end child marriage.

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Finding Innovative Solutions for Sexual Health in Brazil

IWHC works with Reprolatina in Brazil to educate young people about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The results so far have been outstanding: In the town of Barro Alto in the state of Goiás, the number of adolescent girls giving birth has dropped from 40 percent in 2010 to 10 percent in 2012.

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Setting the Foundation for Healthy and Empowered Girls in Nigeria

Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) in Nigeria fills the gaps left by standard school curricula by giving girls vital information about their bodies, their rights, and their responsibilities. These lessons help empower girls to take control of their reproductive and sexual lives and realize their full potential as individuals.

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On International Day of the Girl, Hear Girls’ Call to Action

“Some day, they will say this was the moment when the world woke up to my potential…this is the moment when being a girl became my strength, my sanctuary, not my pain.” These are the words of the Girl Declaration, a powerful statement written by adol …

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