Chris Grumm

Christine Grumm

Board Member

Chris Grumm grew up as the daughter of a Lutheran missionary with generations of pastors and bishops in her family tree. She has worked both with secular and faith-based organizations to build an agenda of social change and justice, concentrating on change within communities on the ground as well as institutions and systems.

One of her focuses is the investment in women and girls and through that investment, bringing change to whole communities. Most recently, Grumm was the CEO/President of the Women’s Funding Network (WFN). During her 11-year tenure as CEO the network grew from 75 to over 160 with assets of over $500,000,000. Prior to WFN she was the Executive Director of the Chicago Foundation for Women. Grumm also served as the first Vice-President of the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and spent four years in Geneva, Switzerland as the Deputy General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation.

Grumm was trained as a health educator and worked for over 20 years in the area of reproductive and maternal/child health. She is a trained community organizer, the principles of which she has applied throughout her career. In her consulting work through the Chris Grum Consulting Group, she focuses on leveraging organizations and leaders who can bring solutions to scale and create true social change impact in communities around the world. She serves on the Boards of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services and Landesa, Rural Development Institute.