My Illegal Detainment for "Promoting Homosexuality" Sheds Light on the Urgent Need for Protection of Sexual Rights in Cameroun

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Sébastien, a member of the Association for the Defense of Homosexuality (ADEFHO), an IWHC partner, was illegally detained for several hours last week for ”promoting homosexuality”  before finally escaping the grip of the policemen.  The following is his account of the experience, which reveals a disturbing lack of rights and recourse available to the LGBTI […]

Status Update: “No Evidence, No Case” Against Man Jailed in Cameroun on Charges of Homosexuality

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Last month, I blogged about a Camerounian man jailed on charges of homosexuality. This week, I have an update on the status of the case against the man. My organization, the Homosexuality Defense Association, or ADEFHO, just got the minutes from the last interrogation from June 21, 2009, the date the accused appeared before the […]