Goals for Women's Health: July 6th Matches

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And . . . we’re back! After a couple days without any World Cup to keep us occupied, I’m excited about today’s match—especially now that we’re really down to the wire. Uruguay vs. Netherlands Last September, Uruguay became the first Latin American country to extend adoption rights to unmarried, gay, and lesbian couples. About 93 […]

Goals for Women's Health: July 3rd Matches

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You know what I think is so great about soccer (or football, depending on what part of the world you’re in)? It’s the most accessible sport in the world—all you need is a ball and an open space to run around in, which is how it’s possible for kids to overcome tremendous odds and become […]

Goals for Women's Health: July 2nd Matches

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Can you believe the quarterfinals are already here?! We’re down to eight teams, and it’s anyone’s race to win. I’m no good at predictions, so I won’t even try! Let’s get to today’s matches: Netherlands vs. Brazil Abortion is the Netherlands is completely legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy—and, the country has one of […]

Goals for Women's Health: June 29th Matches

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Let me just say I’m thankful that the World Cup referees aren’t in charge of our sexual rights and health! (Seriously, could they mess up any more? Oof!) That said, here’s a look at who’s playing today: Paraguay vs. Japan IWHC partner CLADEM and other organizations have teamed up with Paraguay’s justice system to encourage […]

Goals for Women's Health: June 28th Matches

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Bad news: U.S.A, England, Korea Republic and Mexico are all out of the race. Good news: There’s still SO much more World Cup nail-biting to come, and as long as that keeps up, we’ll continue giving you the facts on women’s health around the world! Today’s matches are: Netherlands vs. Slovakia Not only is emergency […]

Goals for Women's Health: June 27th Matches

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Root for your team and help score a goal for women’s health by telling your friends these facts at half-time! Today’s matches are: Germany vs. England Last year, German courts ruled that sexuality education in schools is mandatory, asserting that knowledge of your body and rights does not go against religious freedom. As of this […]

Goals for Women's Health: June 26th Matches

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Game On! Today’s matches, the first in round two, are sure to be intense—but what we want to know is this: who’s winning when it comes to women’s health and rights? Here’s some info to ponder as you cheer for your team: Uruguay vs. Korea Republic Thanks to the tireless work of IWHC partner organization […]

The Big Kick-Off: World Cup and Women's Health

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know the second round of World Cup matches start this Saturday.  With the exception of a few notable injuries, the players are looking healthy—but what about the women in their home countries?  On Saturday, Akimbo will begin posting facts about women’s health and rights for each […]

Sex Ed: The More You Know

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Until a few years ago, I never fully appreciated how lucky I was to have Mrs. Braker as my sex ed teacher at Portola Junior High. In her classroom filled with giant posters of beluga whales and squid (she was also the marine biology teacher), we’d watch funny cartoons about safe sex and stare bug-eyed […]

$1 Million Up for Grabs . . . Seriously!

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Sometimes governments do wonderful things, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demonstrated last month by announcing the Secretary’s Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the award will be given to help support two  of “the most pioneering approaches to the political, economic, and social empowerment of women […]