Pakistani Activists Collaborate with Religious Leaders to Promote Comprehensive Sexuality Education

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The International Women’s Health Coalition partner Aahung, a brilliant Karachi-based organization, has been promoting comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in Pakistan since 1994. In August of this year, a national backlash broke out against CSE in Pakistan after a conservative religious newspaper, the Daily Ummat, reported that the Dawood Public School was using a western Science […]

Gaining Better Access to Abortion in Indonesia

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At the same time that the United States is embroiled in a political battle about whether abortion would be covered by health insurance under the Stupak Amendment, a little-known victory on abortion rights has been under-way in Indonesia that has the potential to change the lives of millions of women and girls. At IWHC, we […]

Virginity Testing in Madhya Pradesh

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Addressing the control of women’s bodies through surface solutions meant to win easy votes will only result in the continued subjugation of women. This obvious fact was proved (yet again) during a recent controversy over forced virginity tests in India. Under a public scheme of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Madhya Pradesh, a state […]

Repealing 377: Sodomy Laws in India

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Gay pride marches swept through India this Sunday in a burst of colors and joy that celebrated the growing confidence of LGBTQQI communities to assert their claims for equality. Marches in the streets occurred alongside several quieter moves of government officials on a related legal case that has waged in India for the last seven […]