Peruvian TV Station Refuses to Take Racist Caricatures Off the Air

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Earlier this summer, we blogged about our Peruvian partner LUNDÚ, who have been working on a campaign to protest racist portrayals on a Peruvian television network. Their activism has included a public demonstration and a petition with over 5000 signatures, demanding that the characters “Negro Mama” and “Paisana Jacinta” be removed and the network publicly […]

Peru Reinstates Free Distribution of Emergency Contraception After WHO Asserts that EC Does Not Cause Abortion

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Peru has reinstituted the free distribution of emergency contraception (EC) in the country’s public health facilities. Although EC had previously been accessible in the public health system, the Peruvian Constitutional Court ruled on October 22, 2009 that clinics run by the Ministry of Health (MOH) clinics were banned from distributing EC for free because the […]

Youth Face Barriers to Access at UN Commission on the Status of Women

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Organizations such as the International Women’s Health Coalition and International Planned Parenthood Federation-Western Hemisphere Region recognize the importance of youth participation in policy formation at the United Nations. It is for this reason that both organizations invited a group of qualified youth advocates from around the world to participate in the 54th Commission on the […]