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Brazil: Supreme Court Makes Abortion Legal in Cases of Anencephaly

5 Responses to "Brazil: Supreme Court Makes Abortion Legal in Cases of Anencephaly"
  1. Alyssa says:

    I can not believe that there would be such a debate over granting women with anecephaly in their pregnancy right to abortion. When the right to abortion for women in these circumstances was first granted it should have stayed in place. It's tragic enough to find that your unborn child has this condition where they are lacking a brain but to be forced to give birth to that child and perhaps solidify the nature of your fetus causes even more distress to the pregnant woman who is under heightened emotion as it is. Hopefully this new law passed is here to stay.

  2. loubelleadams4 says:

    I am sure that many people will have their own opinion and reaction regarding abortion but still, it is essential to know the reason why they agreed with abortion and this issue should not be taken for granted.

  3. Christina says:

    Why an abortion? Inducing labor early if the mom’s life or health is jeapordized, knowing anencephalic babies aren’t going to survive labor (or long thereafter) is quite enough. There’s no need to do the terrible things abortions require like causing heart attacks, burning skin (saline abortions), or dismemberment. Delivering the baby and giving the parents time with their precious little one to grieve and hold them grants all of them the dignity they need to process this very real loss of a 100% human. Any mom who carries to term is also leaving room for an ultrasound error to be corrected (maybe the baby is fine!) or for God to intervene and heal. Abortions– with all their gruesome pain & refusal to admit the humanity of the child being “terminated” (aka killed)– are not needed, even here.

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