HIV, Circumcision, and Consent

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During the last several years, adult male circumcision has become a highly promoted form of risk reduction when it comes to HIV. Some studies have shown that circumcision may reduce the chances of acquiring HIV by as much as 60%. So, in the places in Africa were HIV is the most prevalent, there are now […]

American Teens Fight Child Marriage

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Global Health News has a new short video about American teenage girls who, after learning about the plight of their counterparts in the global south who experience early and forced marriage, were energized to raise awareness about the issue. Here’s a bit more about the project: “It’s a human rights issue,” says Erica Lamberson, who’s […]

What Was Sexuality Education Like for You? (part 2)

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IWHC asked this question to a bunch of sexual and reproductive rights advocates and colleagues. Check out their answers below. In my sex ed class my teacher handed out diagrams outlining the male and female anatomy. The handout on female anatomy was missing what I felt was incredibly important: the clitoris. When I took it […]

What Was Sexuality Education Like for You?

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IWHC asked this question to a bunch of sexual and reproductive rights advocates and colleagues. Check out their answers below and come back tomorrow for the second installation. I was living in Taipei, Taiwan at the time. I was in 7th grade. They separated the boys and girls and taught us about periods which most […]

Longing, Belonging, & Identity: Young Gay Men in Bangladesh

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19-year-old Kabir is now counting the days to be rescued from a rehabilitation center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The person fighting the legal battle is no one from his family, but a lawyer who took up the case seeing the inhumane ‘conversion’ process Kabir has been going through. In fact, it was his family that threw […]

Bringing Youth to the Table: Interview with Evre Kaynak

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Evre Kaynak, from Turkey, holds a B.A. in Economics from Istanbul University, and a double M.A. in Development Economics and Human Rights Law from Marmara University and Bilgi University. Since 2005, she has been the National Program Coordinator at Women for Women’s Human Rights (WWHR) – New Ways. She is currently coordinating their National Program and […]

Men Must Experience Gender Equality to Be Able to Live It

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‘The YP Foundation’s Know Your Body, Know Your Rights campaign is a youth led and -run peer education, capacity building and advocacy program that works with young people in communities and with policy makers to address gender equality, violence against women, sexual rights and reproductive health by focusing on the need for and implementation of comprehensive […]