Growing Up Female in Cameroon: Interview with Dadine Dsandjon

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“Young people need to be educated about their sexual rights. In Cameroun, the rights of young women are violated all the time. Many women don’t know that they have the right to decide with whom and when to have sexual relations.” Dadine Dsandjon is the Assistant Executive Secretary of RENATA (Reseau National des Associations des […]

House Gouges Reproductive Health Services for World’s Poorest Women

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In the continuing assault on women’s health and rights, today the House of Representatives included significant cuts to reproductive health services, including family planning, for those in greatest need in developing countries for these essential services.  The action came during subcommittee consideration of the bill to fund international assistance and diplomatic efforts around the world […]

Capital Critique: House Moves to Reimpose the Global Gag Rule

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The never ending political ping pong of whether the United States imposes a global gag rule on health care providers including voluntary contraception and family planning services for their clients went another round today in the House Foreign Relations Committee.  Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) successfully included a provision to put the global gag rule into […]