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YP Foundation Founder to Join Paul Farmer, George Soros, at IWHC Gala

Written By: Lori Adelman
February 3, 2011


Our annual gala is less than a week away! In addition to honoring Partners in Health founder Paul Farmer, we will also be joined by Ishita Chaudhry, the founder of the YP Foundation in India. If you can’t make the gala, you can still learn more about the YP Foundation and the great work that the youth-run and youth-led group is doing by checking out this short video that we made in collaboration with young people from the organization.

The YP Foundation (TYPF) in New Delhi has for the last 7 years been a youth led and run movement for social change in India. Founded in 2002, TYPF is a non-profit organization that advances young peoples human rights by building leadership and strengthening youth led initiatives and movements. By providing mentoring, financial and infrastructural support, TYPF is committed to developing the uninhibited expression of young people and enabling their ability to influence and create policies that further their rights.

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