National Day of Transgender Visibility in Brazil

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Tomorrow in Brazil, groups that advocate for the rights of transgender women and men will gather for 41 actions in 22 states during the National Day of Transgender Visibility. I’m glad to see rights groups in Brazil drawing attention to this issue, especially since Brazil has the highest recorded murder rate for trans people in the world. […]

Ugandan Gay Activist Beaten to Death in His Home

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Since 2009, the issue of gay rights in Uganda has been in the spotlight, with the international human rights community standing in solidarity with gays and lesbians in Uganda who face legal discrimination and a proposed death sentence for homosexuality. Last fall, the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone published photos and names of gay activists on the […]

Addressing Obstetric Fistula: Towards a Just and Healthy Life for All

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This article is part of a series by RH Reality Check in collaboration with EngenderHealth, Guttmacher Institute, the International Women’s Health Coalition, the Fistula Foundation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Campaign to End Fistula.  All articles in this series can be found at this link. The series is being published during a time of renewed efforts by advocates and the […]

UN Women Launches 100 Day Action Plan

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The recently established UN Women, which combines four UN agencies to create a more unified approach to securing women’s health and rights around the world, is in its first regular session of the Executive Board this week. Executive Director Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile, announced UN Women’s Vision and 100 Day Action Plan on Monday. In […]

Can a mobile phone save women's lives?

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It’s synthetic, fits in your pocket, and can help prevent the spread of HIV. Nope, it’s not a condom—it’s a cell phone, the newest and perhaps most effective way to spread sexual health information. As of today, mobile phone users in India can send a text to 529222 and, for a small fee, receive sexual […]

Sex in Indonesia: Education over Censorship, Please

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Indonesian Technology Ministers are all worked up over “pornographic” materials available to citizens via their Blackberry devices, and threatened to ban Blackberry service unless the company  agreed to filter out the undesirable content. News reports today announced Blackberry’s compliance, and that sites like Playboy are now blocked from Blackberry devices across that country. While pornography […]

Action Alert: Supporting the Congressional Champions Who Stood Strong Against Child Marriage

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Because of you and Congressional champions, The International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act was almost signed into law this year. After achieving unanimous support for the legislation in the Senate, the bill moved to the House for passage – but failed to receive the super-majority (2/3 of the members) needed for passage. Nevertheless, […]

Anti-Trafficking Measures and Human Rights Impact

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If we to reduce them to their essence, international development groups and non-profit organizations work to make lives better and more just for the populations they serve.  But sometimes the desire to help can create unintended consequences that may actually be harmful, or even lead to human rights violations. As anti-trafficking groups become more visible […]

Emergency Contraception Becomes Available Over-the-Counter in Ireland

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This week, emergency contraception (EC) became available without a prescription for the first time in Ireland, as reported by the Irish Examiner. Before this week, those who sought EC needed a doctor’s prescription. The development has been welcomed by the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), which has been calling for the increased availability for years, […]