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U.S. Senate Holds Hearing to Consider CEDAW Ratification

3 Responses to "U.S. Senate Holds Hearing to Consider CEDAW Ratification"
  1. M.K. Hall says:

    Well, what is in this for the incoming Congress? Do they think talking about it a little will give them some points? It takes more than that. Surprise us and sign on to CEDAW! I would certainly be very impressed and surprised.

  2. RinNH says:

    I hope they don't pass this… we already have a bill of rights here in the USA, and we certainly don't need the one that the UN and its various entities want to impose upon us. It troubles me when such blatant manipulation of women takes place, and this 'bill of rights for women' is sadly conning even some of the most intellectual women here in the states. But not all of them, thank gosh. The UN and its small sub-bodies have proven to be ineffective, horribly corrupt, and they mangle the concept of 'rights' as outlined in our nation's own founding documents. May the senate continue to refuse to ratify this horrendous treaty.

  3. Larry Mills says:

    May I suggest that RinNH read CEDAW? It's not hard; it only requires about a ninth grade education, thank gosh. May I also note that the U.S. Bill of RIghts has nothing in it regarding women's rights? I am guessing that RInNH has little knowledge about the horrendous treatment of women in many modern nations, from mutilating their sex organs to forbidding their education (although perhaps RinNH may not see the latter as a problem.). I repeat. Just read the treaty. You've obviously gotten bad information.

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