Forced Sterilization of HIV Positive Women Continues in Southern Africa

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Forced sterilization of women whom governments or individual doctors deem to be unsuitable for procreation isn’t anything new.  Certain factions within the population control movements have over the years enforced a range of reproductive health policies that restrict women’s control over their bodies and their reproductive lives. In the last century these restrictions have included […]

In the War Against Women, Another Attack on Afghani Schoolgirls

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We recently posted about the compelling and disturbing image featured in Time magazine of a young Afghan woman whose in-laws sliced her nose and ears off as punishment for “disobedience”. Today, we’re saddened to learn of another incident of brutal violence perpetuated against Afghan girls and women. As CNN reports, dozens of schoolgirls and teachers […]

Doctor Attitudes and the Effect on Access To Safe Abortion in Zambia

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This piece originally appeared on the Ipas website. Dr. Mutinta Muyuni, a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist in Lusaka, Zambia, provides comprehensive women’s health care, including safe abortion to the full extent of the law. As an ally who advocates publicly for women’s right to safe abortion care, she says she is “not ashamed of my work, and […]

Off the rails: Why a ladies-only train isn't enough to stop sexual harassment in Indonesia

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Having your heart in the right place when it comes to protecting and promoting women’s health and safety is important—but without your head in the right place, your actions won’t lead to much progress. I fear it’s this kind of disconnect between heart and head that’s behind today’s launch of women-only train carriages in Indonesia’s […]

Promoting and Protecting the Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health of Transgender People: What We Can Do

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Two weeks ago, we took a look at a new study -authored by an IWHC Advocacy in Practice alumna,  Neha Sood- on the health hurdles transgender women and men, and gender non-conforming people, face in Asia. Given the information presented in that report, it seems pertinent to ask ourselves, as trans and cis gendered people, as […]

Planning Effective Women- and Girl-Centered HIV/AIDS Programming

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Since 2002, women have represented more than half of all people living with HIV worldwide. Women in the developing world often face both gender inequality and severe poverty—two factors that when paired can create a number of risk factors for HIV (read more in our overview, Women’s Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS). As a result, many HIV/AIDS testing, prevention, treatment, […]