Update: Take Action Against Racism and Sexism in Peru

Recently, we blogged on the Campaign Against Racism and Sexism that our partner LUNDU has initiated in Peru and on the threats of violence LUNDU received after protesting the racist TV characters “El Negro Mama” and “La Paisana Jacinta.”  You can read more about this situation here from MADRE and here on Akimbo.

Today, IWHC, American Jewish World Service and MADRE ask you to take action by writing to Mr. Jorge Baca-Alvarez Marroquín (President of the Complaints Committee of the Peruvian National Society of Radio and TV) and to Ms. Nidia Vilchez Yucra (Minister of Social Development and Women’s Affairs and Social Development).  Demand that they put an end to these TV portrayals that violate the human rights of the Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian population. Use the text below, or draft your own letter:

Dear ___________,

“El Negro Mama” and “Paisana Jacinta,” characters on a popular television show on Frecuencia Latina, violate the human rights of the Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian population by enforcing stereotypes and promoting racial discrimination. I ask you to take these two characters off the air, as demanded by a petition made by LUNDU and supported by over 160 people and organizations.



To be sent to:

Ministra de la Mujer y Desarrollo Social

Dra. Nidia Vilchez Yucra

Email: [email protected]

Presidente del Comité de Solución de Quejas de la Sociedad
Nacional de Radio y Televisión

Dr. Jorge Baca-Alvarez Marroquín

Email: [email protected]


LUNDU, Centro de Estudios y Promoción Afroperuanos

Comunicaciones LUNDU, [email protected]

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  1. davinadauphine says:

    I just sent this though it is over a year later.

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