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Sibongile Makhaya

Written By: Makhaya
March 25, 2010


The current, much ignored situation of ewaste dumping in Ghana is growing at an alarming rate.

Young boys and girls from extremely poor families spend their days exposed to highly toxic chemicals in order to retrieve materials such as copper which they sell to survive and sometimes pay for their schooling.

These young people are not only missing out on their education, their health is also deteriorating. With this grant, I plan to initialize a program that would help keep these children in school and also educate them of the detrimental effects of ewaste dumping. The eventual outcome would be to transform the area, Agbogbloshie, and the cycle of poverty that forces young people to this detrimental trade.

Furthermore, and also very crucial, I plan to raise awareness in western countries (which conduct most of the dumping) about the appalling conditions their high tech products end up in.

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  1. Hencil says:

    i was late guyz ,wis had a chance too…

  2. Hey Sibongile, please get in touch!

    Your friend Tumi in France. I run a Southern African Faire-Trade art, crafts & design boutique here in France. I work with corperatives helping women and young people. please check the website:
    Looking forward to hearing from you_

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