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Khushbu Agrawal

55 Responses to "Khushbu Agrawal"
  1. jodydelight says:

    your passion and drive is an inspiration. you truly are a visionary! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Jensine says:

    Wow, Kushbu! I know you will achieve all these dreams and more. You Go!!

  3. Rachael says:

    Amazing proposal Khushbu, I applaud your efforts!

  4. SauraV says:

    great khushbu di….i pray to god that u may achieve all u have visioned….

  5. Ishwari Pradhan says:

    Dear Khushbu, Best Wishes!! :))

  6. Uddhav Acharya says:

    Dear Khushbu, best of luck & best wishes…..

  7. bidhata k.c says:

    Great……………………wishes are with you

  8. bharati rupakheti says:

    wow khushbu !! great !! its very inspirational !!
    best wishes darling !!

  9. Bibha Karki says:

    WoW!!!! Khusbu di, that's an amazing concept and i hope it works out. All the best.

  10. Reejuta Sharma says:

    Very Interesting Khusbhu….All the best…..count on me for a vote each day !!

  11. Malaya says:

    Hi! wish you all the best !

  12. Pragati says:

    All the best Khushbu…make up proud!!

  13. Chirag Bangdel says:

    Wish you loads of luck!!!!!!! we are proud of you!!!!!

  14. Biran says:

    Best of luck…nd gudluck too!?may be u will need it?

  15. Prashant says:

    All the best Khusbu Di..

  16. Aawash shrestha says:

    Al the very best for u project di..I wil pray for u.

  17. archana sinha says:

    all d b est..u r doin' a gr8 job:-)

  18. Sneha Sharma says:

    khushbu di, what u have thought of is gr8 …..wish u all the very best ….!!!

  19. Anjhero says:

    so proud to have a dee like u :) Respect!

  20. Bibhusan Bista says:

    all the best khushbu……………

  21. sneha sharma says:

    all the best khushbu di !!

  22. Ravi Vadhvani says:

    with u all the way

  23. Achala says:

    we all are so proud of you khush….

  24. Maria Shrestha says:

    all the best Khushbu

  25. Ayobami says:

    I have gone through some of your work in V.E.N.T and I am sure the same passion I see in them will enable you maximise the grant. I do hope you get it!

  26. sabbu says:

    thts a very good thought tht gud to know u'r actually working on it to make it a reality!! all the best wishes and if i can b of any help let me know di..all the best wishes n love n support n care!!

  27. richa says:

    wish you loads of luck di!

  28. Niraj Khanal says:

    Great! Wish you all the best….

  29. Deepti Khakurel says:

    Hey! Amazing, I know you will rock! loads of luck!

  30. Hardik says:

    good day flleow backyaders.the recent and current state of affairs in our housing situation is really disturbing and disgusting period. a clear and robust plan of action needs to be in place and all MP sections and masses need to be mobilized and fully participate. however, this we need to do on the ‘legal’ side of things. if ‘we’ the MP masses are not participating then, our section reps are working in vain.keep us informed of any resolutions from the meetings so that we can act in unison.

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