Fsahat Ul Hassan

I want to promote activism among young people for their sexual and reproductive health and rights in Pakistan. I want to sensitize young people from all over the Pakistan to the promotion and integration of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) at policy level. A National Youth Policy has been approved first time in the history of Pakistan and now provincial governments are going to legislate and finalize the Provincial Youth Polices according to the national policy. I want to integrate the SRHR in the provincial youth policy by strengthening the capacity of young people on issues around SRHR and enhancing their leadership skills for promoting SRHR of young people in Pakistan. I also want to develop networking and collaboration among young activists for prompting SRHR of young people in Pakistan.

Using the Young Visionaries contest grant, I shall organize a 4-day national level training workshop on SRHR, HIV/AIDS, youth participation, and leadership skills. At the end of the workshop the participants will develop action plans for the promotion of SRHR of young people in their communities. I shall develop a SRHR Alliance with the help of other focused organizations for networking and collaboration among young activist for prompting SRHR of young people in Pakistan. It will help young people to know their rights!

24 Responses to "Fsahat Ul Hassan"
  1. karolien says:

    Fsahat is one of the most amazing and inspiring youth leaders I have met around the world who is making a huge difference in Pakistan when it comes to youth issues. Keep up the good work Fsahat!

  2. Gulalai says:

    Fshat is doing incredible work for the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rigts in Pakistan! Good luck

  3. Qaisar Roonjha says:

    He Is great Youth Activist with lot of potential….

  4. Fatima Zafar says:

    thats great Fsahat, Best of Luck!!!

  5. Bilal Mughal says:

    Best of Luck ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Takan

  6. sadaf awan says:

    Good luck Fsahat you are inspiring youth ..

  7. muqadas ch says:

    Best wishes

  8. Alyas Rahmat says:

    Fsahat is a hardworking young man, he has a talent for doing his best, Good Luck Fasahat, May God Bless you……………….

  9. ASMA EJAZ says:

    helo…I am proud on you…GO A HEAD…GOD BLESS YOU…

  10. waqasbashir says:

    Fashat I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you man your name is nominated This is very good work you doing, a noble cause we all pakistani are proud of you .

    best regards
    Waqas bashir

  11. waqasbashir says:

    Guys look at this link http://blog.iwhc.org/2010/03/here-they-are-your-t

    Fsahat God bless u always man

  12. Udeze Ernest says:

    Am ernest Udeze from nigeria, but am interested in supporting you, I really believe that you will go far in it all and I believe you will do as you said in your manifesto,

    Do great, I support you,
    Ernest Nigeria,
    Cordinator GYPAM.

  13. You are inspiration for all of us :-)) Proud of you buddy, Love You

  14. Washdev Mehraj says:

    Great Man you are an ideal for Pakistani Youth….:)

  15. Dr. Tariq says:

    Fsahat is a very nice and hardworking young boy .__I wish his sucsess as a chang maker

  16. Jonair says:

    Fsahat, be proud of yourself, you are doing what every body needs to do like yesterday. No one talked to me about this when I was a youth and I wish someone had done it. I talk to young girls and their parents about it all the time these days, I wish I was as strong as you are when I was a youth. You are doing a great job and never ever give it up for any thing. I currently coordinate a sexuality education mainstreaming networtk in Uganda (UNESEM) and I have heard the cries of young people too. I wish I could do more to support you. Am not going to say I wish you luck, because I believe it is already on your side. Let me know if there is a way I could be of use – [email protected]


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