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Cynthia Okerfelt and Lea Jones

8 Responses to "Cynthia Okerfelt and Lea Jones"
  1. Andrea Richardson says:

    This is an incredible organization. I have seen there work first hand and been inspired. Please help the organization by voting for them and spreading the word.

  2. Martin O says:

    I cant wait to see these ideas come to pass! A vision for real change and an empowered future generation. The ideas deserve your vote!

  3. Beth says:

    Sounds like a very worthy project! Best of luck!

  4. I want to vote for this entry. I am so proud of you all. Barbara Harrell-Bond

  5. Nathan Bramsen says:

    My vote is in!

  6. Suzanne says:

    I vote for this entry! They are making an amazing difference in women's lives. This project is more than worthy of consideration.

  7. Mahmoud Farag says:

    Here is my vote too! Good luck with the project.

  8. Matthew S says:

    There is a direct correlation between the empowerment of women and the success of civilization. I pledge a vote for this cause!

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