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Bonface Witaba

8 Responses to "Bonface Witaba"
  1. Godfrey Golova Adiga says:

    Good work. Keep it up.

  2. mepo mududa says:

    so proud of you boniface you deserve to win..

  3. William Jiyana says:

    I am so proud of you my friend, I like the work you are doing.Thank you

  4. Maureen Achieng' says:

    U go bonface! we are rallying behind u

  5. mary says:

    Great step Boniface

  6. I am sure Bonface will be able to bring the much needed change in the community through the proposal rural Digital centre project if he receives the money. I am convinced, more than never that ICT possesses the single biggest potential to change the livelihood of unmployed rural youth in Kenya and Bonface's vision is extremely empowering and life changing. I strongly support that he wins this contest .

  7. Emma Lau says:

    Best of luck, Bonface!
    Love, peace, and compassion :o)

  8. George Mtda says:

    Shiet….. this monumental………. i lost a great opportunity…..damn…..sorry chieph….
    all the best
    u rock the world

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