Secretary of State Clinton Calls it Like it Is on Reducing Maternal Mortality

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In a strong articulation of the U.S. position in support of reproductive health services, Secretary of State Clinton pushed back on the Canadian assertion that policy to achieve access contraception or ensure safe abortion services should not be included in the strategy for the reduction of maternal mortality. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told it […]

Women's Groups Critique Haiti Post-Disaster Needs Assessment at the United Nations

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Tomorrow, representatives of donor governments will meet at a conference at the United Nations in New York to pledge their contributions to Haiti as the nation recovers from January’s catastrophic earthquake. Prior to the conference, a post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA) was prepared to serve as a blueprint for Haiti’s reconstruction. However, the PDNA lacks crucial […]

Draconian Laws Against Homosexuality in Africa

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The wind of state homophobia has swept over the African continent.  Fueled by media hounding and outing of perceived same sex loving people, some governments in Africa are embarrassed and shamed before the world for their wild claims that homosexuality is un-African and does not exist in Africa. Instead of swallowing their words in a […]

Here They Are: Your Top Ten Young Visionaries!

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It is with great excitement that we announce to you today the end of the nomination and voting period of the Young Visionaries contest! Over 70 amazing nominees from 27 different countries entered our Young Visionaries contest–it was so hard to make the final picks. Each and every one of the nominations was inspiring, and […]

Don't Ask, Don't Tell–Can't We Just Get Rid of It?

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The bad: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the policy, which has been unfairly removing gay U.S. military members from service since 1993, is still alive and kicking. The good: President Obama called for a repeal of the policy earlier this year, and it’s currently under review. The really good: Instead of waiting for the review and […]

Eder Tello

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Soy uno de los jóvenes que forma parte del equipo que impulsa el proyecto Punto J: www.puntoj.com.pe, un portal web a través del cual informamos y orientamos en sexualidad de joven a joven y que funciona gracias a adolescentes y jóvenes voluntarios, por ello lo que haría con esta donación sería convocar a más adolescentes […]

Moses Mepukori Tumaine

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My vision for young people is gainful and sustainable employment creation. My vision will be the set up of a household waste management services programme in partnership with the local council. The $1000 will go into the purchase of a donkey drawn cart, waste collection bags and protective gear. Each household will be required to […]

Hira Hafeez Ur Rehman

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I am working as a Coordinator for the Youth Advisory Panel, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Pakistan, and two months ago I initiated a project in Islamabad, Pakistan locality where street children, labor youth, and child beggars are situated. My project is called the “Mentoring Street Children project” which aims to prevent common diseases among children […]

Sibongile Makhaya

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The current, much ignored situation of ewaste dumping in Ghana is growing at an alarming rate. Young boys and girls from extremely poor families spend their days exposed to highly toxic chemicals in order to retrieve materials such as copper which they sell to survive and sometimes pay for their schooling. These young people are […]

Shannon Orchard Young

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Sexual and reproductive health is a concern for all people, especially young women who have unique health concerns. Not all women have the same access to care options, nor have the ability to advocate for effective change. While there is a gradient of variance in the type of sexual and reproductive health young women receive, […]