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Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality

3 Responses to "Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality"
  1. You all will surprise to note that out of 30 Patients 1 dying during Pregnancy in the Rural areas of Pakistan.Women facing lot of grievances in these area and studies have shown that infant mortality rate is higher in rural areas than in urban areas. This is because of the following reasons•
    Rural women receives delayed or no prenatal care or less adequate care when it is available. This is a major concern in rural areas as risk factors for infant death include delayed or no prenatal care. It contributes to a higher rate of infant mortality in rural areas.
    • Low education of mother, which is correlated with poverty. Rural poverty rates have consistently been higher than urban poverty rates.
    • Its shocking to know that maternal smoking during pregnancy, is higher in rural areas. Teen pregnancy rates are often higher in rural areas.
    Here in Pakistan several agencies and individuals are working on this issue but it is a big challenge. After my Retirement as Government Officer, I have reserved myself in this mission and cause. I m engaged in the activities of Pakistan Medical Association, surveys and participation in Rural Area Camps. Now I have established my own NGO in the name of Saharo Welfare Organization, we are now working in the rural areas and trying our best to provide relief etc., to the Rural area Women. Here so many Agencies and Individuals encouraging us and helping us technically, morally and financially but it’s a big task I need help from the International Community. I am looking forward to International Organizations/Individuals to please support me morally, financially and technically.

    Mehtab Qureshi
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