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Otobo Ujah

7 Responses to "Otobo Ujah"
  1. Austin Akaninyene says:

    Hi, its cool to have you guys project this wonderful program to enhance development and equity in our society. I pray you guys don’t relent in your efford, Thanks

  2. spatan says:

    good concept to improve sexual n reproductive health

  3. Adams A A says:

    Nice 1 dude… ur 1 step shall lift u beyound hieghts. A struggle 4 women is a struggle 4 all.

  4. Victor Marquis says:


  5. Samaila says:

    Make us proud as u always have.

  6. OguaMANam says:

    the world is in need of young visionaries. youths who carry the burden of responsibility and a sense of obligation to the society the live in. Dr otobo Ujah has clearly demonstrated he is empowered in this regard.

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