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Ogbodo C. Victor

3 Responses to "Ogbodo C. Victor"
  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi Victor, I love your vision our youth need all the support ,education and material they can get.They are our tomorrow thanks for reaching out .

  2. Steven says:

    Victor, you have no doubt been an inspiration to us young people and you have certainly being a transformer, our environment, our young people have been blessed by your recountless effort to bring about change may continue to touch the lives of more yound people as you prepare to speak to young people in our forth coming seminar.

  3. Change is what the world needs now more than ever, to heal the many injustices that has characterised every day human life, borne out of ignorance, selfishness and evil minds. so any thing to make the world a better and changed place is in my own opinion da bomb, so my brother u are da bomb, you've got my support and that of my organization, Ambassadors for socila change organisation……….together we will make the world a better place…

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