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Azmeraw Tayelgn Amare

Written By: azmeraw
February 2, 2010


With the grant from the Young Visionaries contest, I will establish two clinics in two zones of my country, Ethiopia, where contraceptives can be available for adolescents. Around those clinics I will also prepare playing fields, games and a library for the adolecents so that they can use the services.

3 Responses to "Azmeraw Tayelgn Amare"
  1. Muluken says:

    Though your vision is good,I think you need additional finance. Probably if you can access some some where else that is good.
    I wish you good luck

  2. Getaw says:

    As to my understanding vision is the best way of success. so your vision is good and as u know the area u are interested to do is also the issue of government , NGOs, and other profit and not for profit org. therefore i encourage u to go through it and to keep it in faith until u achieve it. Finally i wish you God's presence in every step of your activity.

  3. Alemayehu Shimeka says:

    So great idea!! I know u r energetic and sensitive so surely u will put it practical. What I want to say is better to invite others to be successful b/c it needs collaboration.
    wish u success and practical change to this young people.

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