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Ador Leanda Hurtado

Written By: Ador Hurtado
February 18, 2010


Although passion fuels change, I believe we must also realize that in today’s world, almost everything comes with a price tag. It may be materialistic to say, but what the mind and heart wants to achieve, cannot if the body is not willing.

My vision for young people to move toward their rights and the opportunities they deserve, is not just my vision. Rather, it is a collective vision of our youth organization, Waray-Waray Youth Advocates (WARAYA); our mother organization, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP); our United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) family; our various networks; and the countless faces both young and old who believe in change and in the future we want.

The Young Visionaries contest grant will be a big help towards our youth organization, which is currently facing issues of sustainability on programs and activities, and of retention of members. It will help make way for a program that will help regain and rekindle old spirits towards youth activism, on adolescent sexual health and rights advocacies, and instilling hope that there’s still a better future ahead of us. Through the retraining and reorientation program, it will align the direction of our group towards the goals and objectives we want to achieve, and the vision we foresee. Through that refueling of hearts, we may be able help other youth organizations as well through program support and in ensuring that youth’s voices are heard, loud and clear in various platforms and issues. Ripples of hopes are created as well as ripples of change.

The grant is one way of giving hope to young voices that change can be achieved when everyone supports each other, fueled with passion and positive outlook.

18 Responses to "Ador Leanda Hurtado"
  1. dennis says:

    go ador, do it for WARAYA, for FPOP, for all young people of the world.. SAMARNON YOUTH really needs something like this

  2. julz says:

    I do believe that Ador is the MAN..i know he can make the difference…Go MAN go…..

  3. Vince says:

    Done kuya Ador :]

  4. bb raize says:

    weee! go kuya adorable!! :)

  5. jen says:

    make a difference ador..

  6. jimiToT says:

    wish u all the best!:]

  7. novie aghel says:

    sucsezzz adorrrrrrr

  8. jane says:

    go for it ador..

  9. cherryjean says:

    go kuya don!!

  10. elioena says:

    gudluck kuya, nyc

  11. Emal says:

    I do believe that Ador is one of active young and he trying to bring positive change in his society .

  12. art says:

    wer one with you… keep it up!

  13. bambie says:

    That young people should address issues with in them! By empowering, i believe that they can do a lot of significant things that are so essential while turning into the next page of their lives and so as creating greater impact to their fellow youth and the entire humanity as well… high five Ador!!!

  14. mark ben says:

    go kuya!….kaya mo ito!….gow…vote to the max!

  15. maco says:

    waaaah. congrats kuya!:) hehehe

  16. mark ben says:

    go kuya don!

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