Wagatwe Wanjuki

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I would use the Young Visionaries contest money to expand my current blog, Raped at Tufts, which concentrates on sexual violence at Tufts University to a comprehensive website that will address sexual violence at universities around the world. I want students to be able to have a safe space where they can speak about how […]

Joseph Sewedo Akoro

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I would use the Young Visionaries contest funds to set-up a vocational skill training for young people as a means of dealing with the ecomonic situation suffered young people in Nigeria. Many young people in Nigeria are absolutely dependent of their parent who have little or no means to provide for them financially. These young […]


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I would set up an NGO which would work in making sure that no person in any part of the world is starving. The idea is to form an online group and request people to give 1 dollar/1 pound/1 Euro/ 1 rupee for the world. Why i choose this is because food is basic. Only […]

Ingrid Romero

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In shaping a world without discrimination or violence, we need to educate and inspire young people. My generation is the largest generation of adolescents ever, and with that, we have an extraordinary opportunity to unite and create change. Sexuality, and the right to sex education, sexual freedom and safety are issues that are really important […]

Perspectives on Safe Abortion in Africa

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In the wake of Kelly Castagnaro’s recent post honoring the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that made access to safe abortion legal in the United States, I’d like to share two important new resources on safe abortion in Africa. The first is a recent article from the Reproductive Health Matters journal […]