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Why Cameroun Needs Maputo (French and English)

5 Responses to "Why Cameroun Needs Maputo (French and English)"
  1. Zee Mafor Achu Samba says:

    The issues’ concerning women in Africa is generally pathetic. The Maputo declaration is a good attempt towards curbing down on what African women suffer year in year out / century in century out. Women in Africa and in most parts of the world have suffered huge trauma due to abuse (psychologically and physically) and are now being recognized in present time. The Maputo declaration as well as other Human Rights declarations on the protection of Women, clearly identifies the key issues women suffer in Africa.

  2. Zee says:

    With the growing deterioration of many economies today, Article 14 of this declaration not excluding the whole document will help curb on a lot of situations that have a hand to play in Africa's bad economies. The idea of unwanted babies contributes to an increase in the world's population that is already a threat on today’s world economy.

  3. Zee says:

    Apart from the situation of unwanted babies, women with the clauses enshrined in the Maputo declaration, get protected from their sexual choice/orientation. They can decide on how many children they would like to have and if at all they want to have children. The declaration protects them from the fear of severe negative social consequences such as stigmatization, ostracism, abuse, economic deprivation and the fear of divorce due to infertility. Childlessness in Africa is considered a taboo. This has also contributed to women giving birth to so many children just to satisfy this insecurity concept that causes a lot of trouble in marital homes, whether monogamous or polygamous. They now have the right and freedom of choice, and have control over their sexual or reproductive organs.

  4. Zee says:

    This declaration if properly handled and due to its good timing as regards the economic situation in most economies the world over, will go a long way. There is no room for getting a continent over populated with limited resources. There is no point attaining a stage where people outnumber the economic resources which are already limited. With this declaration, if women are oriented on its existence and are cautioned the right way to use it, I do not think it will not cause much tension with the ideas of the Catholic Church or African family values. At the same time if the African men/women are educated on the advantages of the Maputo declaration on the African economies in terms of population control, then it will be an added applauded advantage to the African presidents.

  5. Zee says:

    The Catholic Church has its concerns on abortion and its unspiritual hitch, but religion and law really never come to terms with each other. The Maputo declaration works on the set rules that improve on the situation of a set society, according to what is regarded highly problematic in that set society at that time. Religion to me has to do with the ethical obligation and goes on an individual basis. The Maputo declaration, if put in place efficiently, is a good initiative towards the protection of women in Africa.

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