American and Indian Sex Worker Cultural Exchange

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I’m going to India at the end of next week to do trainings and documentation of organizations that work on health and rights issues with women and youth in India. I’m starting of the trip by doing new media tools and tactics workshops in Delhi with CREA and the YP Foundation. Then I’ll head south […]

Latin America and the Carribean Feminist Organizers Express Concern About Status of Cairo Programme of Action

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Fifteen years ago, governments and civil society gathered for the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, convened under the auspices of the United Nations.  The resulting Programme of Action, adopted by 179 governments, marked the first time that the reproductive and sexual health and rights of women became a central element in an international agreement on […]

Empowering Youth Means Freeing Sex Ed Information

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The YP Foundation, based in Delhi, India, is an ever-growing organization that, through many projects, works on the issues including Gender, Identity, Sexuality, HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Life Skills. Ishita Chaudhry, who is the founder of IWHC partner the YP Foundation in Delhi, India, has a long blog post up in which she struggles with […]

The Complete Alphabet: Moving Beyond "ABC" Towards Healthy and Safe Sexuality For All

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Most of us have heard the so-called “ABC’s” of sexuality education before: Abstinence, be faithful, use a condom. But what about all of the other aspects of sexuality that aren’t covered by this three-letter model? There are many more letters in the alphabet. Increasingly, sexuality educators, community members, families, and governments are acknowledging that comprehensive […]