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Internet vs. SMS: Geography, Access, and Strategies for Health Promotion

One Response to "Internet vs. SMS: Geography, Access, and Strategies for Health Promotion"
  1. Audacia, thanks for a great post! Mobile access for service and information in the US certainly is not where it could be, when you consider the potential behind the number of mobile phone users and the tech-readiness of organizations in the US compared to many other places. There are, though, quite a few successful campaigns and programs using SMS. To learn more about them, read case studies, and connect with practitioners, please visit Mobile Action:

    Also, NetSquared's N2Y4 Mobile Challenge is open for submissions right now. If you have an idea about how mobile technology could be put to use for social benefit, you can enter your idea! Or, you can peruse the other entries, leave comments, and discover some really interesting Projects happening in the US and around the world.

    I hope you had a great time at Sex::Tech and that you keep your conversations going!

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